Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix

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Why is a deep carpet cleaning service important?

Carpet cleaning services and particularly periodic deep cleaning is important to prevent:

  • Indoor air quality issues
  • Bacterial odor
  • Premature wear
  • Staining
  • Overall diminished appearance

Carpet Cleaning in PhoenixA good carpet-cleaning program should include daily vacuuming and spot cleaning, interim maintenance for traffic areas, and an occasional deep-cleaning process such as hot water extraction. Although hot water extraction is not the only deep cleaning method available, in most cases, it provides the most thorough process for removing all types of soils in carpeting.

We can recommend a carpet cleaning program that includes vacuuming, spot cleaning, interim maintenance and deep-cleaning to insure your carpeting looks great, wears better and does not become a source for contaminants.

Carpet Cleaning Procedures

The extraction method involves pre-spraying the cleaning solution onto the carpet areas to allow to work on the soils and previous chemical buildup. The soiled cleaning solution is then removed from the carpet by spraying  a high pressure rinse deep into the carpet fibers by a controlled jet and then using a high powered vacuum to extract the soiled rinse. These last two steps are done by the extraction machine all in the same motion.  The chemistry applied in our process helps to avoid “wicking” (returning of old stains), provides  a clean rinse to eliminated chemical buildup in the carpet fibers, and takes advantage of encapsulation technology to enhance the vacuuming process and help to maintain the appearance of the carpet.

Bonnet Cleaning is a good method of surface cleaning. After the cleaning solution is dispensed onto the carpet, a bonnet pad the bonnet pad agitates the surface of the carpet fibers to clean them. It is a good method to loosen and remove surface soil. This method is sometimes used in conjunction with extraction in very highly soiled areas by using a rotary head or bonnet pad to increase agitation to the carpet fibers and provide a more thorough cleaning. This would be analogous to using the high pressure wand (extractor) and the brush at the car wash (bonnet) to wash your car. The chemistry applied to the process uses encapsulation technology to enhance the vacuuming process even after the technician completes the job.

Dry Chemical cleaning  involves dispensing a solvent and detergent saturated absorbent powder into the carpet using a revolving brush machine. After the powder solution is applied, it is allowed to dry for a period of time, and then the carpet is vacuumed. This is a good method for removing particularly oily soils because of the absorbents ability to break the oil bond that holds the soil to the carpet fibers. This method also requires very little dry time, uses encapsulation technology and works great for carpet squares or areas where moisture from an extraction process can potentially be an issue.

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