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VCT, Concrete, Ceramic Tile, Linoleum and Grout

Square Feat can help you determine the finish and maintenance products that are appropriate for the floor surfaces in your facility. Square Feat will recommend a floor care Services program suitable to your floor installation with your budget in mind.  Floor care services can be included as part of the regular scheduled service or provided on an as needed basis.  It depends on your preference and needs.  Following is a list of the most common procedures we perform:

  • Sweep/Vacuum and Mopping of resilient floors
  • Strip/Refinish VCT floors
  • Machine Scrub/Refinish VCT floors
  • Burnishing of sealed floors (VCT, epoxy, sealed concrete, other)
  • Dissipative Floor Finish (Anti-Static) for areas that require minimal static charge
  • Chemical or Steam Grout Cleaning (ceramic tile floors)
  • Machine Scrubbing of concrete, vinyl, epoxy, and other types of resilient flooring
  • Tile grout Cleaning and Sealing
  • Concrete Floor Sealing
  • VCT floors demolition and resurfacing
  • Auto scrubbing of VCT, concrete, epoxy and other resilient floor surfaces.

Floor Care Services: Convenient Scheduling

Floor Cleaning Companies PhoenixSquare Feat provides floor care services on an as needed basis or as a regular floor program.  All floor work is set up on on our special service scheduling system so that customer can be notified in advance of when work is to be performed.  Work scheduled at predetermined dates makes is easier for floors can be prepared in advance of the work to be done.  Our email reminders work extremely well with busy schedules.

Our floors crews use the highest quality floor finish, sealers, and procedures to ensure a consistent result every time.

In addition Square Feat specializes in the following custom tailored cleaning programs:

Square Feat services a variety of commercial facilities.