Green Cleaning Phoenix

Green Cleaning PhoenixTeam cleaning services are designed to improve the overall quality of cleaning by using standardized equipment, procedures and green chemicals.

Cleaning specialists are assigned to designated areas to perform specific tasks. Team cleaning improves productivity and promotes cleaning for health while protecting the assets in your facility. This results in a cleaner, healthier building and more productive work environment for the building occupants.

Benefits of Team Cleaning:

  • Provides for more efficient use of equipment & chemicals through standardization
  • Promotes longevity of business assets: fixtures, flooring, furniture
  • Uses safer, more ergonomic tools
  • Reduces chances of cross contamination
  • Improves workplace environment including indoor air quality
  • Is “green” by design
  • Clear cut responsibilities for all workers
  • Uses a double check system
  • Simplifies training

Professional Cleaners

With team cleaning, crew members work as a team of cleaning specialists. Tasks are grouped into four different specialties. Each specialist is trained in the proper use of equipment, procedures and chemicals. A double check system is implemented into the training to help insure a high level of service that meets your expectations.

Empty wastebaskets, dust and spot clean.
Vacuum carpet and hard surface floors.
Clean, disinfect and restock restrooms.
Supervises work of other team members. Cleans lobbies, spot clean glass, mop and scrub floors, and remove trash from building.

Standardized Equipment Is Best In The Industry

HEPA Filter Backpack Vacuums

  • HEPA Filter Backpack VacuumsHEPA Filters improve indoor air quality by reducing allergens.
  • Improves vacuuming efficiency and effectively removes dust bunnies in congested areas.
  • Four level filtration system removes 99.7% of particles measuring 1 micron and larger.

Micro-Fiber Mop System With Two-Sided Bucket

  • Micro-Fiber Mop SystemColor coded mops to help eliminate cross contamination.
  • Dual compartment assures floors are always mopped with clean water.
  • Microfiber flat mop improves cleaning efficiency and effectiveness. No more “ring around the building”.

Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloths

  • Micro-Fiber Cleaning ClothsColor coded cloths to help eliminate cross contamination.
  • Facilitates the proper use of chemicals to protect valuable assets (furniture and floor coverings).

Green Cleaning Chemicals

Pre-measured, color coded packages are used to insure proper mixing of chemicals and proper use. Chemicals are green cleaning certified with the exception of disinfectant cleaners. For facilities requiring special chemicals, we can adopt those chemicals in most cases at no additional cost to you.