Fitness Center Cleaning Services In Phoenix, AZ

Square Feat is fit for the task when it

comes to health and fitness center cleaning services

Janitorial Health & Fitness Cleaning Services Phoenix, AZHealth clubs, gyms and fitness centers require special attention to insure the facility is clean and presentable to all members and guests entering the facility. Square Feat will help the fitness center operator maintain a facility that promotes a high standard of personal fitness. Our fitness center cleaning services include a regular maintenance programs, special services such as carpet extraction and floor scrubbing, glass and mirror cleaning, disinfecting machines and equipment, light bulb maintenance and more. Our crews can be scheduled to work around the peak use hours for workout areas, locker rooms, lounges areas, cardio and aerobic areas, and entrance areas. Our goal is to ensure a favorable impression for anyone who enters the facility.

Please contact us for a free quote and a detailed cleaning schedule for your facility.

Our fitness center cleaning services typically include the following duties:

DUSTING of all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Includes display areas, window sills, sales and consultation areas and high and low reach areas of ceilings and baseboards.

POLISHING & DAMP WIPING of desks, tables, furniture, wall switches, touch points and other surfaces to remove all smudges, fingerprints, spills and cup rings.

TELEPHONES are dusted and disinfected.

RECEPTION, CONSULTATION AREAS receive special attention to ensure a favorable impression on everyone entering your facility.

WORKOUT AREAS are cleaned to provide a pleasant and attractive atmosphere for members and guests.

LOCKER ROOMS are cleaned and disinfected to keep these areas fresh for all concerned. All paper products and supplies will be replenished.

TRASH & RECYCLABLES are taken to the designated collection area. Liners in all receptacles will be kept fresh.

CARPETING is vacuumed wall to wall (including edges and corners) using a hepa filter commercial vacuum.

RESILIENT FLOORS are swept or vacuumed and damp mopped.

MIRRORS and GLASS is cleaned to remove fingerprints. Periodic window cleaning can also be provided.

SPECIAL SERVICES for floor maintenance and carpet cleaning can be provided on an as needed basis or on a periodic schedule.

Facilities Served: