Healthcare Cleaning Services Phoenix

We service the healthcare community by providing healthcare cleaning services to medical offices, outpatient facilities, dental facilities, laboratories, animal clinics, and other specialized medical facilities. The cleanliness of these facilities is not only critical in reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses but also to insure the facility is operating at the standards set by the operators and industry. To assist in preventing and avoiding the prevalence of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) Square Feat healthcare cleaning services ensures proper disinfection and best practices to this end.

Proper Healthcare Cleaning Services

Require Specialized Knowledge and Practices

Through partnerships with Unger Enterprises, we have implemented a color coded microfiber system that reduces the likelihood of cross contamination at your facility. Microfiber mops and cleaning cloths, proper disinfectant and dwell time, double sided mop buckets, and hepa filter vacuums all provide the most advanced healthcare cleaning system for your facility.

Because our healthcare cleaning crews use disinfectants that are needed to kill the range of harmful microorganisms that have the potential to thrive, we cannot be 100% green. We do use green products and methods where possible to provide the best environment possible for all occupants of your facility. With the use of microfiber, we minimize the amount of disinfectant needed.

Our crews are informed on the HIPAA privacy rules to help insure the the security of patient information in your facility.

Contact Square Feat to see how they can assist your facility in implementing a healthcare cleaning program to reduce HAI’s and ensuring a clean safe environment for your patients, visitors and staff who work or enter your facility.

“The services have been great thanks for checking in on us!” A. Dong, Cardiovascular Consultants

“Things are going well. The cleaners make good use of the communication book.” D. Allen, TMC Advanced Imaging

“Everything is looking great.” T. Perkins, Eye Care for Animals

“Excellent service! I am very happy with the work being done. Your crew is great. Thank you” R. Clement, Foothills Plastic Surgery

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