Janitorial Services – Mesa AZ

Proudly Serving the Mesa, AZ Area Since 1995

Our cleaning services are custom tailored to the customer’s needs. Square Feat cleaning services will help provide a safe, clean and orderly environment for your employees that will help protect the assets and furnishings at your facility from damage. We can provide a full array of maintenance services for your facility. For more on the Mesa cleaning services we provide please click on the links below:

Janitorial Service - Mesa AZ

Our cleaning services are scheduled at a frequency that fits the needs of your facility. The cleaning of your facility is in the hands of a dedicated account manager who would oversee the work and scheduling of the cleaning team. Regular periodic inspections are completed to insure the cleaning program is performed to your expectations

Our dedicated team members pride ourselves on “a job well done” with prompt, friendly and consistent communication to insure the cleaning is being completed according to plan. Please consider Square Feat for you cleaning services. We would love to serve you at what we do best.

quality commercial cleaning… one square feat at a time