Restaurant Cleaning Services In Phoenix, AZ

Square Feat restaurant cleaning services start after the last plate is served and the kitchen closes. Our staff is ready to provide the best in restaurant cleaning solutions. We want to make sure the same high standards you put into serving the highest quality food, are also put into the cleanliness of your kitchen and dining areas. We can contribute to a memorable dining experience for your customers and help keep your staff motivated by the effort we put into servicing your facility. Having a clean restaurant makes everyone happy from your staff to your customers.

Our restaurant cleaning services provide:

  • A cleaner restaurant, from kitchen to dining area
  • Dedicated and experienced staff
  • 24/7 operations support and scheduled inspections

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We adopt the green restaurant certification standards in our restaurant cleaning services and work with you to adhere to these standards. Needs to be realigned. It is not displaying correctly.

Square Feat will work with your management team to insure everything possible measure is being done from a cleaning standpoint to keep your facility pest free. We understand using the proper cleaning agents, equipment and procedures make a big difference to this end.

Our restaurant cleaning services typically include the following duties:

DUSTING of all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Includes desk accessories, mini blinds and high and low reach areas of ceilings and baseboards.

POLISHING & DAMP WIPING of glass, tables, furniture, wall switches, touch points and other surfaces to remove all smudges, fingerprints, spills and cup rings.

TELEPHONES are dusted and disinfected.

RECEPTION & DINING AREAS receive special attention to ensure a favorable impression on everyone entering your facility.

WASHROOMS are cleaned and disinfected to keep these areas fresh for all concerned. All paper products and supplies will be replenished.

TRASH & RECYCLABLES are taken to the designated collection area. Liners in all receptacles will be kept fresh.

CARPETING is vacuumed wall to wall (including edges and corners) using a hepa filter commercial vacuum.

RESILIENT FLOORS are swept or vacuumed and damp mopped.

KITCHEN are swept and damp mopped including mats and floor drains.

Additional kitchen duties including detailing hoods, stoves, walls and ceilings are available upon request.

Facilities Served: