School Cleaning Services Phoenix

Our school cleaning services are for universities, colleges, technical schools, charter schools, private schools, public schools, preschools, and daycare facilities. Cleaning of educational facilities is critical to a school’s safety and operation. A clean facility is critical in providing an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. Submit your information to learn more about our educational facility cleaning programs and to receive a free quote.

“Please pass on my gratitude to the crew that comes at night to clean for us. Their work is the highest quality I have seen in the 11 years I have worked for the Nation. In addition to having the highest quality, their group goes above the everyday procedures, which is particularly impressive. The diligence and dedication demonstrated by their team has been mentioned by our colleagues. We have all noticed extra effort they put in at this office. Thank you” Julie, FMYN Education Dept

“Thank the crew for me, I think they are terrific and their good work sure makes my job much easier.”Franklin AA

Over 20 Years School Cleaning Experience

A high standard of school cleaning services is critical to a school’s safety, security and busy daily operation. Square Feat takes proven measured steps to ensure the impeccable cleanliness of your school. With a clear understanding of your concerns and challenges, we provide cost-effective programs backed by unparalleled service.

School Cleaning Services Phoenix

Square Feat School Cleaning professionals offer:

  • An immaculate facility through cleaning practices that maximize efficiency
  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any cleaning challenge
  • 24-hour operations support and regularly scheduled inspections

Put Your School in the Hands of the School Cleaning Professionals

Square Feat offers more than just a clean facility. We provide your school with a sense of security. We provide a comprehensive insurance policy; we are bonded, and perform extensive background checks on cleaning personnel with finger print clearance if necessary. You can feel secure having Square Feat cleaning your school.

We specialize in providing school cleaning services to every type of educational facility:

Pre-School Cleaning

Square Feat is dedicated to providing quality pre-school cleaning services to our customers by selecting the right crew with the right training, the best cleaning equipment and quality cleaning products that are safe. You can rest assured that your pre-school cleaning is done efficiently and right. Our desire is to be your long term partners by making sure your school is clean, sanitized and looking fantastic.

Public and Private School Cleaning K – 12

With Square Feat’s cleaning system we can efficiently increase the level of cleanliness while hopefully, reduce expenses at the same time. Private schools and public schools can have different needs. Square Feat’s tailored cleaning programs are designed to help you achieve whatever specialized needs your facility requires.

University Cleaning, College Cleaning and Technical School Cleaning

Students require a clean, safe environment free from distractions so they can focus on their school work and class schedules. Square Feats educational training program provides highly trained and knowledgeable cleaners to service your educational facility so your students can learn and grow in a clean, sanitary, and healthy environment. Having a clean school reduces distractions and puts the attention where it should be, on learning.

We seek a long term relationship with our customers and understand a high level of service and communication are needed to make this possible.

Our school cleaning services typically include the following duties:

DUSTING of all horizontal and vertical surfaces. Includes desk accessories, mini blinds and high and low reach areas of ceilings and baseboards.

POLISHING & DAMP WIPING of desks, tables, furniture, wall switches, touch points and other surfaces to remove all smudges, fingerprints, spills and cup rings.

TELEPHONES are dusted and disinfected.

RECEPTION & CONFERENCE AREAS receive special attention to ensure a favorable impression on everyone entering your facility and/or attending meetings.

BREAK ROOMS / TEACHERS LOUNGES / CAFETERIAS are cleaned to provide a pleasant and attractive atmosphere for employees.

WASHROOMS are cleaned and disinfected to keep these areas fresh for all concerned. All paper products and supplies will be replenished.

TRASH & RECYCLABLES are taken to the designated collection area. Liners in all receptacles will be kept fresh.

CARPETING is vacuumed wall to wall (including edges and corners) using a hepa filter commercial vacuum.

RESILIENT FLOORS are swept or vacuumed and damp mopped.

CLASSROOMS will be given special attention to ensure all areas are clean and sanitary. Services for desks, whiteboards and other areas are included depending on needs.

OTHER: Deep cleaning during schools breaks, VCT and ceramic tile floor maintenance programs and carpet cleaning can be provided depending on needs.

Facilities Served: